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What is this?

You are a giant head with the power to inhale anything using your incredibly strong lungs. Guide your friend, Umbrella man, on his tuesday morning walk avoiding horrifying body parts and strawberries. The Giant face must also eat oxygen to continue protecting it's friend.


  • Left click to INHALE
  • Inhale Umbrella man to make him fly (You won't eat him though)
  • Umbrella man must avoid feet and fingers, or he dies
  • Inhale Strawberries so they don't kill umbrella man
  • Inhale oxygen to replenish your oxygen meter
  • Don't run out of O2, or you die


  • Advanced inhaling mechanics
  • At least 3 things that can kill you
  • Scientifically correct oxygen molecules (not to scale)

 Extra Info

  • Yuri Gore (Music)
  • Edward Ingle (Programming and Art)
  • Liam Ralston (Design and Art)

Made for the GDL - January Jam with the theme "Breathe!"


Suck2.zip 10 MB

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